Safe and secure

You don’t have to make your windows black to protect your family
  • A high quality tint is the best thing you can do for your children when they’re in the car, be it summer or winter our films will make their journey much more enjoyable.
  • Our films block up to 70% of the suns heat coming through the windows, I’m sure you can imagine the difference that makes on a hot summers day! Our films also block 99% of all the suns dangerous UV rays, protecting you and your family from potential cancer causing rays.
  • Up to 50% of the suns glare is also blocked, so when your loved ones are in the back they can see those dvd screens and watch they’re favourite movie without a drama! It will even help in the dark, cutting out the glare from oncoming headlights.
Less heat, less glare
We all love the sunshine, but sitting inside a hot car is no fun for anyone, especially kids and pets. Tinting lessens the effects of the sun’s rays by up to a massive 70%, taking the strain off your air-con and reducing your fuel and maintenance costs. The film will not distort your view of the road, and with less glare from the sun and headlights, driving is easier on the eyes at any time of day or night.

Holding it together
Our film makes glass harder to smash and holds it together in the event of an accident. Although not classed as a security film, it will help keep you and your family safe by preventing shards of glass from flying around on impact. You can get up to level 3 blast-proof safety film too.

Deterring crime
Opportunist thieves will probably know tinted glass is more difficult to break, and they’re less likely to target your car when they can’t see inside. Lone drivers can feel a lot less vulnerable in a tinted car, too.

Privacy perks
We all like our private space, but you can count on another big plus from the privacy provided by tinting – you’ll experience far less road rage and intimidation.

Out with ultraviolet
Ultraviolet rays are responsible for over half the damage your car’s interior will suffer during its lifetime. Our films block 99% of those harmful rays, keeping your car looking newer for longer.

Better resale value
A tinted car is a lot more likely to sell of the forecourt than an untinted one... It simply looks better.

No screen glare
Tinting means you’ll be able to see video screens properly and get the most from your in-car entertainment.

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